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Coronavirus and Safe Catering

We at Levi’s Café and Catering understand the necessity to be able to provide safe wholesome food for your company and to your employees.  

To meet this challenge, we at Levi’s Café and Catering have decided to take a proactive stance in meeting the health concerns of our customers during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis.   That is why we will be actively testing our chefs and delivery staff every month for the COVID-19.

This is to ensure that the food that comes from our kitchen is not only of high quality and great taste, but that it is also 100% virus free.  

We recognize that some companies still have concern that buffets can spread illness due to the multiple people touching the serving utensils and/or sneezing near the food.   To eliminate this chance of this virus spread, we also offer individually prepackaging of the food in Upgraded Microwavable ToGo boxes and plasticware sealed in plastic bags to ensure zero chance of virus spread.